"From June to July"

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I know, I know. I just had to right?! Mine @charlotte_olympia. Hers @oldnavy. If she comes out a boy for some weird reason I’m going to be in trouble. Haha! 🐱

Lets cook together.

I want a type writer!


my godfather took this picture some years (1998) before he died of cancer, he loved photography so much even when he was in hospital he used to carry his camera. 
ive got tones of pictures but this one its kinda special, the woman reading in Rio de janeiro, shes a stranger, he stood there for a couple of minutes waiting to get the perfect angle and took the picture, when he developed it he gave me his camera (even tough i was a toddler), if he was alive, he would be one more blogger in here, he was so special, the kind of person that could see your soul before your face.

Guerrino Santulliana by Ricky Phan - Models.com